The Mirror or the Mask? An Interview with Lydia McGrew

Do the Gospel writers present events in a way different from how they actually occurred? Some New Testament scholars think so, and Lydia McGrew tells us why they are wrong.

Should We Take Genesis As It Is?

Is Genesis reliable? Should we trust the account as it is? Does Genesis even claim to be history? These are questions that sent me on a small journey to uncover the truth, here is what I found.

When A Leader Departs

Hearing of a longtime minister abandoning the faith can be discouraging. We should know how to process such things, so that we will not be shaken when it happens.

In Defense of Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics is a defense of the Christian faith. Yet as one attempts to engage in this discipline, there are those who bring up objections to its very use. Here is a piece that engages in what can be termed 'meta-apologetics'- a defense of Christian apologetics.

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